Sunday, July 17, 2011

DealSaver Coupon for Enrichment Classes Now Live

Community Business College has teamed up with the Modesto Bee’s new DealSaver coupon program by offering a coupon for over 50% off of tuition for both on-campus and online enrichment classes at Community Business College. The classes include computer classes, for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint and QuickBooks.
The college has also included its upgraded online language classes in the deal. By using the e-classroom, students learn new languages from the convenience of their homes or office.

Summer is a great time to learn something new. That's why there are so many "summer reading lists" because education is a lifelong task and learning never takes a break, even during the relaxing days of summer.
As part of this “Back to School Special,” the school is also making its interactive GED preparation program is also available with this Deal Saver.
School Director Dan Guerra said the school chose to offer the College’s first DealSaver because of the “unique and innovative style of social networking with an emphasis on the local community” the DealSaver program provides. The DealSaver arrived in Modesto, California in early July of 2011 and is designed to help newspapers adapt to the opportunities in a digital world. This is the first local DealSaver to offer local educational deals.
The deal runs from July 17, 2011 through July 22. Certificates are valid from July 23, 2011, through Jan. 15, 2012 and can be purchased as gifts.
You can learn several of the programs in the Microsoft Office suite, some of the most commonly used programs in business the world over. If that job listing says you need to know Microsoft Excel, one of these on-campus classes can help you qualify. Excel is the leading spreadsheet program for businesses and has become an indespensible part of the job.
You also have a choice of learning several languages over the Web, including Spanish, French, Tagalog, Greek and many others. This deal is good for six-month classes valued at $94.00.
The Modesto Bee says, "No matter which course you choose, your life will be enriched."

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