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We Are Offering Free Microsoft 2016 Certification Exams As Part of Microsoft's Beta Test

Community Business College will be making Microsoft Office 2016 certification available and is looking for participants to help beta test online exams. Community Business College has been selected as a beta testing participant for the new Microsoft Office 2016 certification exams. These exams are the official acknowledgement from Microsoft that the holders possess levels of competence for the level designated on the certificate. 
The college has begun phasing in the beta testing of the Microsoft Office 2016 programs in a staged implementation schedule with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to start, to be followed by other programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Officials at the school report they have started the testing with current students and graduates and are opening the testing to members of the public who would like a no-cost attempt at earning technical computing certifications.
The purpose of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is to allow people who have the…