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No Act of Kindness Is Wasted - A Final Thought

Here's the Community Business College final thought for the week ending July 17, 2015.

As we ended the week of classes at Community Business College, we had a campus-wide student meeting where we could all just get together, share announcements and reviews of the week’s classwork and end with a “Final Thought For The Week.”
The college’s final thoughts can be profound, humorous, poignant, or, in the best cases, a combination of all three.
This week’s final thought was a simple and straight forward one – “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” It comes from an ancient Aesop fable and the moral is a good one – to do kindness whether you are reward or not.
What was particularly interesting about this one was to see how many people were familiar with the tale, but not necessarily familiar with Aesop’s fable itself.
Some have heard the story of the lion and the mouse in the fable, but it has been told and re-told that some remember it differently than others.

Here is one …

Mastering Microsoft Office

Today, Community Business College had a record-setting day. One person was able to complete her Microsoft Office Masters certification by completing all four required tests in three days.
Test Strategy Here’s what she did to strategize: First pick the Microsoft Master certification you want.  Recently, Microsoft changed the system to include two different tracks that include two expert exams for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
Here are the Microsoft Office master certifications from which to choose: Word 2013 Track        Exams required: Word 2013 Expert Part 1 Word 2013 Expert Part 2 Excel 2013        Elective exams (choose one): PowerPoint 2013 or Access 2013, Outlook 2013, or SharePoint 2013, or OneNote 2013

Excel 2013 Track        Exams required: Excel 2013 Expert Part 1 Excel 2013 Expert Part 2 Word 2013        Elective exams (choose one): PowerPoint 2013, or Access 2013, or Outlook 2013, SharePoint 2013, or OneNote 2013
Traditional Office 2013 Track        Exams required: Word 2013 Expert Part 1 Wo…

Need Your Driving Records For A Job? Here’s How To Do It.

A Community Business College graduate from 5 years ago came into the school yesterday and wanted to apply for a job that requires a clean DMV report. He needed to find out if he needed the official transcript or if he could use the one now available off the DMV’s website. He went back to the human resources department to ask.
“Do I need an official transcript,” he asked, “or can I use the online printout?”
“The online printout will be fine,” was the reply.
And so began his quest to quickly get his driving record from the DMV before his interview the next day. He came back here to his alma mater for help and the staff here at Community Business College walked him through it. DMV Quest
Turns out obtaining a driving record through the California DMV online system, it’s surprisingly pretty easy.
How do you do it?
First you need to set up a free DMV user account which can be done at this link:

They’ll ask for your driver’s license information, …

Legal Residency Rule Change for Real Estate Licenses

Community Business College has been informed today by the California Bureau of Real Estate of a change in license application procedures:
All individuals who submit an application for a real estate license received on or after January 1, 2016 will no longer need to submit proof of legal presence in the United States.
On September 28, 2014, the Governor signed Senate Bill 1159 (Lara, Chapter 752, Statutes of 2014), which adds Section 135.5 to the Business & Professions Code (BPC), changing the legal presence requirements to obtain a real estate license.
Up until SB1159, the law required an individual to provide proof of legal presence in the United States (either via proof of U.S. citizenship or legal alien status), in order to obtain a real estate license. The new law which becomes effective on January 1, 2016, will remove the legal presence requirement from the entire application process.
This notification is the California Bureau of Real Estate’s implementation of the new laws’ r…