Friday, November 24, 2017

CBC Closed for Black Friday

As is our tradition, Community Business College will be closed for Black Friday.

Some have said Black Friday is for all those turkeys who made it through Thanksgiving. We have always taken it for two reasons: 1) so our staff and students will have more time to spend in giving thanks with their families, and 2) we don't have to fight a losing battle of trying to cajole students to take Thursday off, come back on Friday and leave again for the weekend.

With that said, however, our Community Business College website is still up and running. Computers and servers don't take holidays.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! - a time to be thankful in 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Community Business College!

Today is a day to reflect and be thankful. Here are a few thoughts to add to the list.

Things for which to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day:

The first is (and this one is forgotten) – the ability to be thankful. It takes effort to have an attitude of gratitude and Thanksgiving Day is a good time to remember to make it an everyday practice.

So many amazing things have to happen just for one day to go by on this planet, that it’s a good idea to be

More Thankful for what we have than what we don’t have. As they say, count your blessings. The Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to do that. Especially before Black Friday hits and the commercial Christmas rush kicks in full speed.

Coveting things you don’t have is, of course, to be scrupulously avoided, but what should also be avoided is wishing you could give more. We all have plenty to give but when the overwhelming products and stuff gets advertised everywhere we go, sometimes we feel wistful that we would like to give other people more stuff. The Spirit of Thanksgiving reminds us to appreciate the gifts we are able to give and that it is truly the thought behind a gift rather than its price tag or size.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Browsig the New Firefox

The New Firefox

For those who are users of Firefox, you may have noticed your software recently did a mandatory update. Yes, it’s finally here…the new Firefox browser – Firefox Quantum

Friday, November 17, 2017

Wrapping Up Microsoft Word

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday this year, one of those common every day things we forget to be thankful for is the ability to write. It is easy to take for granted and yet, even in today's climate of videos and graphic arts, that ability to communicate via writing is still a blessing. After all, how do we communicate video scripts and the instructions for illustrating? Through writing.

One of the most important writing tools in our modern era is Microsoft Word. And it's never too late to learn more about this tool. That's what the adults in our Microsoft Word class that is wrapping up today learned.

Blogs and micro-blogs like Facebook and Twitter still need tools to help them be at their best. Writing and saving drafts in Microsoft Word

Here's a Twitter tip: Work out your tweet in Microsoft Word first, using the word and letter count tool. It is quicker and easier to maximize your 140 character tweets and cram your message into one tweet instead of serial tweets. Plus, you can save a chronology of your tweets in one document in case you ever need them quickly.

And don't forget, when you fell like you have mastered Word, sign up to take the Microsoft Word certification exams.

Happy Valentine's Day 2019

Our students are the best! Thanks for the chocolates and thanks for sharing with the class! We really do have the Best Teachers Ever!