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5 Solid Tips for Good Business Phone Etiquette

One of the very first classes we taught at Community Business College almost 18 years ago was proper phone techniques.
Why? It might seem so obvious how to handle phones that people don’t even need to think twice about it?
But, that’s part of the problem – phones have become so ubiquitous (one of our Words Of  The Day), that they’re taken for granted and almost seem to drift into the background of everyday life. That means that a lot of common sense can be ignored, especially in today’s business environment.
We taught the class because employers told us that one of their greatest pet peeves is when a potential customer is turned away because of a louse phone call experience.
Is it still relevant? Sure is. We just posted today’s Frank and Ernest cartoon about phone messages on our one of our Pinterest boards.
So here are the Community Business College Top 10 Tips for Presenting a Professional Phone Image.
1.Speak Clearly and Slowly. Because speaking on the phone has become second nature, it’…