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Earning A Microsoft Outlook Certification

What is a Microsoft Certification Exam?
As you may have heard, Microsoft provides a certification exam for users of its software to demonstrate their skills through an independently administered exam. Community Business College has been selected as an official Microsoft Certification Testing Center. As of July, 2016 the college is helping Microsoft beta test the 2016 version of the Outlook exam.
The current Outlook exam code number is Microsoft Outlook exam number 77-423. This description covers the basic functions of what is asked on the exam. Community Business College offers a free study guide to all potential test takers. A summary of that study guide is listed below at the end of this blog.
So the question that comes to mind to a lot of people is:  why go to all the effort and expense to pass the certification?
Why Go For The Outlook Certification?

 Here are 5 good reasons to obtain an Outlook user certification:

1.Achieve industry-recognized certification;
2.Learn the computing ski…

What Not To Ask In Job Interviews

July 28, 2016
During job interviews, you will often be given the opportunity to ask the interviewer if you have any questions.
A famous aphorism we hear a lot is, “there is no such thing as a dumb question.” But when you are an interviewee in a job interview, is that always true?
There are questions you might want to ask but try to remember, not every question is appropriate during the job interview.
Here are some examples of what to NOT ask:
1. When can I take my first vacation?
Believe it or not, we’ve had an instance of somebody asking that very question at a first job interview.
Why it’s wrong: It makes you sound like a mercenary or, worse, a clock-watcher that cares less about the work and more about getting more personal time. Also the focus is immediately shifted to what can this company do for you instead of what you can do for this company that other candidates can’t or won’t.

How/when to ask: Wait until you’re hired. When you are doing all the human resources paperwork you can ask q…

Making QuickBooks Quicker – Top 5 Tips for Quickerbooks

The programmers at Intuit have designed into the QuickBooks program certain Keyboard Key Combination Shortcuts (sometimes called “Access Keys”) that, once memorized, can make you a lot more efficient. Technically, keyboard shortcuts are typically a means for invoking commands using the keyboard that would otherwise be accessible only through a menu, a pointing device, different levels of a user interface, or via a command-line interface. Keyboard shortcuts are generally used to speed up common operations by reducing input sequences to a few keystrokes, hence the term "shortcut".
As with most programs, QuickBooks has always used shortcut keys. Pressing the CTRL key and pressing A, for example, will always bring up the chart of accounts, no matter which version you’re using.
If you’re right handed, the best keyboard short cuts for QuickBooks are found on the left hand side of the keyboard. Why the left side? Because that way you don’t have to take your right hand off the mous…