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Happy Thanksgiving

On the occasion of this day, a Thanksgiving Day Poem:

A day of giving thanks arrives on a cool November day,
     It reminds us to speak aloud what we so often forgot to say.
     For it’s easy to take for granted the blessings we receive all the days of the year,
     Strange, since words of gratitude are pleasing to both speak and to hear.

     From today’s first waking moment until the dreams of night start their song,
     It is a joy to be able to give thanks all day long.

A Fall Job Fair That Left Us Lonely

The Job Journal hosted a job fair yesterday and Community Business College staff helped out by providing free resume critiques. Here's what happened...

Each time we attend a job fair, the experience is a little different.  This job fair in Modesto was notable because we ran out of resumes to critique. That almost never happens.  Why did it happen this time? Here are some theories:
     People are gearing up for the holidays so job search is on hold.
              The word didn’t get out about this particular fair.                   More people have jobs than need jobs.
Of the possibilities, the first two seem to make more sense than the third theory.
But, needless to say, offering unemployed job seekers free critiques on their resumes we learn about what’s trending. It’s a good service that a lot of people appreciate.
All told, we helped 34 people with their resumes, from the job fair. It always provides us with a good feeling to help those in need.
In fact, one service group b…

Veterans Day Job Fair at the Modesto EDD Office

Stanislaus County hosted a job fair for veterans this morning. Although the job fair had a particularly focus of helping our veterans, the fair was also open to the job-seeking public. 

It was an overcast morning after a rainy day and there weren’t the long lines of job seekers waiting to get in that there have been at past job fairs, but give them kudos for trying, especially for trying to help veterans - a much under-served population here in Stanislaus County.
The fair ran from 9 AM to 1 PM today. Given the list of exhibitors that showed up, it appears this fair ended up being more of a “resource fair” than a job fair, per se.
With regards to the exhibitors, there were many of the same ones who attended last year’s Veterans Day fair.
Below, Community Business College has listed some of the participants who attended the fair. If you weren’t able to make the event, you can still look up most of these exhibitors by their websites. (Google searches are an amazing advantage of modernity). …