Thursday, July 2, 2015

Need Your Driving Records For A Job? Here’s How To Do It.

A Community Business College graduate from 5 years ago came into the school yesterday and wanted to apply for a job that requires a clean DMV report. He needed to find out if he needed the official transcript or if he could use the one now available off the DMV’s website. He went back to the human resources department to ask.

“Do I need an official transcript,” he asked, “or can I use the online printout?”

“The online printout will be fine,” was the reply.

And so began his quest to quickly get his driving record from the DMV before his interview the next day.
He came back here to his alma mater for help and the staff here at Community Business College walked him through it.
DMV Quest

Turns out obtaining a driving record through the California DMV online system, it’s surprisingly pretty easy.

How do you do it?

First you need to set up a free DMV user account which can be done at this link:

They’ll ask for your driver’s license information, current address, e-mail address, a new password for this account, and other pertinent information. It’s pretty standard stuff and, if you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with the DMV when it comes time to renew your driver’s license, you’ll be able to use this same account for that, too. So don’t lose the password.

Once you’ve got that done, just hop on over to the report request page. Here’s the link:
You’ll log in with the username and password. Then click the “Start” button to actually make the request.

The California DMV charges a $2 fee which can be paid with a credit card.

Enter your credit card information (after always double-checking to see that there connection is secure) and the system will generate a report for you and open it in a new window.

And that’s all there is to it.
Click the print button and get through the magic of modern printers, it will appear on a piece of paper, ready to turn in to a happy employer. If you’ve been through the Community Business College Office Specialist program, you’ll also know how to print it to pdf format. That way you can save it and send the document electronically.

The DMV report is a handy tool for jobs that require it.

What else do you need to get a job and build it into a career? Check out the college’s  Profressional and Career Development course. This distance education program includes an online mentor that helps you through the different sections of the program.

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