Friday, August 28, 2009

August Job Fair Has Few Jobs to Offer

There was a job fair this week. It was only a half-day on Tuesday and we got some pretty thorough feedback from our students. The overall impression seems to be that there weren't enough job openings. Not only were there a lack of job offerings but the types of jobs were not very specific or diverse. Sure the economy is tough. Statistics are showing that unemployment in Stanislaus county is around 16%! That just means there's a greater need for good job fairs. Not quite sure how much recruiting of active employers goes on, but that is the make-or-break of effective job fairs.

The seminars seem like a good addition if they would offer something other than what amounts to be common knowledge. One person said there were no more than 6 people at one of the workshops.

There were reportedly 1,500 job seekers. The interest is there if a job fair that can meet it.
On another note, it seems that there are fewer and fewer trinkets being given away at these events. Sure, the give-aways are not the reason to go to a job fair, but they give it a little pizzazz.

The next job fair is supposed to be in October and a full day event. Hope there are more jobs at that one.

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