Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Rain Storm - Kicks off October

With the sunny weather we've been having, it's been hard to really feel like we've moved into autumn.
At 8 PM, Modesto surpassed the 1 inch mark according the Modesto Irrigation District's rainfall monitor. Lots streets flooded, a few power outages, and a whole bunch of fallen trees make the first big storm of Fall 2009 an impressive one. What's worse for the trees is so much rain fell that it loosened the soil so when the winds blew, it pulled some of the trees right out of the ground. The weather services are predicting the weather will stay wet and blustery through tomorrow so be careful when going out.
Next to the school, we saw a street north of us flood. The odd thing about it is construction crews spent all summer digging it up and fixing the drain. This was just too much water, too quickly and it filled up again and be came Lake Miley Way.
It's a good piece of advice to keep flashlights, a radio and fresh batteries handy in case of power outages. Also, check the batteries on alarm clocks to make sure they will keep on in case of overnight power losses.
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