Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Season End

As we close the twelfth day of Christmas (AKA “Twelfth Night”), we close out the Christmas season. It’s also the Epiphany or otherwise known as the 12 Drummers Drumming day.
Community Business College celebrated the season of holidays by sending out Christmas cards. Mailing cards seems to be a lost art these days and the tradition is threatened by electronic versions sent by e-mail. Although some e-cards are pretty impressive, but they're just not the same.
Our postmaster told us that along with bills and checks not being sent by mail anymore, Christmas cards aren’t being sent out like before. Instead of being one of their busiest times, the end of December tends to be slow for them.
On hearing that, we rushed to get out a batch of Christmas cards in the mail. Here's a sample of the snowman of words we sent out:

Why Christmas Cards?
There is something special about getting something in the mail sent from one person to another. So much of what comes in the mail is sent my a machine. When you get a Christmas card from someone you know, you have a pretty good idea that somebody touched at least once.

Even the photo cards which are so popular these days offer something a Facebook post just can't match. One of the interesting ways these cards fit in with the traditional greeting cards is when they are saved from year to year. The family photo cards show the changes that have occurred from year to year. It adds a nice poignant touch to those holiday feelings.

Mixing the traditional with the new is what we like to do.

Would you like a Christmas Card?
Send us an e-mail to to be put on our list for next year.

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