Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rain with a 50% Chance of Narcissus

It rained today but the narcissus plants are showing their colors.

The flowers are blooming and making the outside of the medical office classroom smell wonderful. Their blossoms are oasis of white and yellow in a waving sea of green leaves

The flowers were a gift from 5 years ago. We planted them in the Community Business College campus landscaping and they have taken root and multiplied.

They have survived people kicking ties way through the planter, frosts, and heat waves.

These flowers are also know as “paperwhites” and they sure seem to like Modesto soil and weather.

Once they finish blooming, they will give birth to new bulbs. If anyone is interested in getting a couple of them, contact the school’s main office.

The thought that Community Business College is spreading beauty through flowers out in the world the way we spread knowledge is a neat idea. :-)

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Community Business College Blog said...

That's Narcissus Papyraceus, by the way.

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