Friday, June 30, 2017

Victor Hugo Day

Happy #VictorHugo Day!

Google has included the famous French author among its litany of Doodle-saints by honoring him with today's doodle:


As Community Business College is an institution concerned with higher learning, we thought we'd add our own recognition of the great writer with a picture of him and a favorite quotation about reading:

By the way, since Google decided to offer a slide show that includes both well known and less well known works, here is a key to the representations of the Google Doodle recognizing Victor Hugo:

Notre-Dame de Paris (also known as The Hunchback of Notre Dame ) - 1831

Les Contemplations: A book of poetry dedicated to his daughter, Léopoldine Hugo, who drowned in the Seine River – 1856

Les Misérables (the book, not the musical) - 1862

As a side note, perhaps it’s best that Google didn’t decide to include a doodle about how Victor Hugo used to motivate himself to write when he had writer’s block: lock himself in a room, bare naked, with nothing but a pen and paper. Definitely would not make a dignified doodle.

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