Sunday, October 28, 2012

Modesto Has Its Arch Back

Friday, the City of Modesto's arch downtown came back to life with the flick of a switch
This was made possible by a fund raiser in difficult times. They had to replace the paint and the old bulbs with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs. It looks brighter and better than ever. It should be good for at least another 100 years.
To raise money, they sold chocolate "Arch Bars" which were produced by Modesto company Speckles Chocolates and were a nice touch. The chocolate was actually imprinted with the shape of the arch. They placed "golden tickets" ala Willy Wonka for a chance to win prizes and the grand prize - the flipping of the switch that relit Modesto's downtown arch.

It's a good reminder of the good people in Modesto which makes it a good place to live.
There's now a time capsule placed in the arch and they are planning on other additions as time goes on.
The committee in charge of restoring the arch still has bulbs they've put into a case that can be bought as a momento.
All in all, a good project and a show of a little civic pride.

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Alisa J Kaczor said...

It's good to see the City of Modesto's arch with al the lights switched ON. I would like to thank fund raiser for replacing the paint and the old bulbs with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs on City of Modesto's arch.
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