Friday, November 2, 2012

Did you realize that November is a national blog month?
Someone has determined that November 2012 shall be a "National Blog Posting Month" (or NaBlPoMo) for short. There's even a logo to make it official:

National Blog Posting Month logo
 Writing is an exercise we teach at Community Business College. Good writing is good for the reader and it's good for the writer.

Like any skill, writing takes practice of course. Creative writing takes even more practice and finding the right guidance is important. But is it worth the effort?
For most people, the answer is "yes." From blogging to writing and publishing e-books, today there are more outlets for budding writers than ever. It just takes some time and effort. Many non-writers are finding they can become published writers with just a little hard work.  Read this article for an example of the value of writing during NaBlPoMo.

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